Office Buddy

This is Che’s tail –he’s in his hide box. He sleeps in there and goes in when he doesn’t like what’s going on. That could be whenever I forget he hates red and I have on a red shirt when I come in, or when my husband is running the skid steer or tractor, and he sees it out that window. Che doesn’t mind the truck. He knows the difference between the F350 and the UPS truck. He learned that the F350 meant Mark was home and time for a treat vs. UPS guy –no treat.


Here he is! Che is a Cuban iguana, Cyclura nubila. Same genus as the Jamaican iguana. Che’s dormer is in my office, since it has a door –it’s actually the upstairs bathroom. We live in a barn –lots of open space. The stone-tiled floor has radiant heat. His breakfast includes collard, spinach-mustard, tatsoi, dandelion. We’re in the autumn diet –frost has killed most of his favorite weeds.

What Che sees every morning (besides the view out his window). The red chair doesn’t bother him –it’s inanimate.



This is Luna, Che’s girlfriend. Actually, they are like the Bickersons, which is why Che lives upstairs in my office, and Luna is downstairs, in her own room (with the heated stone floor!) That white patch on her cheek? Che bit her –they were having an argument. They get to see each other during warm weather, when both go out on the downstairs deck to their separate sunning cages. Once there, they nod heads and make faces at each other.

In my first post I said I “burst into tears” when I saw that portrait of the Jamaican iguana. So that’s a cliché, but –call me lazy—it’s what really happened. I mean, I didn’t just start weeping, I sobbed and it came up out of me and I couldn’t control it. I’ll probably try to say why in a hundred posts and still not get it right. The despair. Not just my helplessness to save that lizard, but my inability to get people to see what I see. It’s the impotence in my writing –I’ll be trying to get it right for the rest of my life and meanwhile, the lizards go extinct. That’s how I feel –call me a drama queen. If more people saw who those lizards are, we’d never let them go extinct. Lizards have a right to be here. I sure don’t expect everyone to love lizards, but I do and I don’t want to be in a world without them and I think the next generation of humans has a right to see them and know them. I talk about lizards a LOT in the memoir I’m writing. I’m so scared! I didn’t plan to write one, but I’m all-in.

I figured the pictures of Che might help show how I feel about lizards. How I live with them.

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